Just My Body

Puck and I have been watching what we eat again since Thanksgiving and using our exercise bikes, trying to slim down a bit and be healthy, so I’ve been tracking not just my weight but my measurements as well. It will be interesting to continue to track them over the next nine months. It’s funny how suddenly your own body seems different to you, with your tummy becoming a focal point and your hand strays down to simply rest there. It’s partly protective, partly curious, partly awe. In fact, the very idea that the seeds of a little life are just starting to form, something smaller than a pea and fragile, is pretty miraculous.

It is both amazing and bizarre that another life will grow inside me until it can one day exist on its own. It is truly a new adventure that will take Puck, me and my body through all sorts of new experiences. Something completely new to me, though experienced by millions and millions of women across the planet and through history, an ancient rite of passage that is always a new and unique experience. So, it begins….

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